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Swingers Club Is Rebranded a Church to Evade Local Busybodies: "It will have the same rules that many churches observe" except adultery is OK.
More on the $20 million funding issue: PEERS in Victoria has been denied funding on the basis that they're "ineligible". But PEERS is highly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to what sex workers need if they want to leave the industry.

Editorial: PEERS deserves share of funding
It’s hard to understand why PEERS Victoria wouldn’t qualify for a share of federal funding aimed at helping sex workers leave the trade. The organization was founded for that purpose, although it . . .
The Coverdale Centre For Women in Saint John NL applied for funding from the $20 million, but doubts they'll get any, or if they do it won't be nearly enough. The funding is just a band-aid and completely insufficient.

Saint John groups await word on sex work exit fund
Some Saint John organizations are disappointed in the federal government's sex work exit fund.
The UK plan is to ban online porn by default and allow users to opt in, while the EU wants to leave porn accessible and allow users to opt out.

EU to David Cameron: Leave porn alone!
In a leaked document, the EU makes its objections towards David Cameron's plans to block pornography by default in the UK, clear. The EU offers a different solution, focused more on users' rights.
This represents some preliminary research only, but looks very interesting.

Women are buying more sex than ever before
Women are buying more sex than ever before, according to new research.

“Government in our bedrooms: The parallels between prostitution laws and abortion laws.”


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