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«Le travail du sexe est un échange économique entre deux personnes consentantes», tient à délimiter Anna-Aude Caoutte.

Vendre son «oui»
Les travailleuses du sexe seraient-elles des professionnelles du consentement, du consentement...
This 3-day event starts tonite, at Memorial University in St. Johns Newfoundland. | Sex Work: Soliciting Reflections Events to Promote Informed Dialogues
The Department of Gender Studies at Memorial and the Safe Harbour Outreach Project are teaming up to offer a three-day event on sex work starting tonight.
Urban myths are a lot like religious doctrines - it doesn't matter how many times they're conclusively refuted, they never die.

Sex trafficking will be part of Toronto's Pan Am Games, says head of church organization
Cities that host international sporting events put on their best face for the world to see, but they ignore an ugly reality behind the spectacle: the exploitation of women and children shipped in t...
Sex work is not a "problem." It SHOULD be publicly visible. That protects sex workers' safety, and reduces stigma by acknowledging that it's part of normal daily life in a community.

Prostitution a 'sustained' problem in Sydney, say police
Police in Cape Breton say merchants in downtown Sydney have complained that the world's oldest profession is being plied in broad daylight in front of their businesses.
Charlotte Rose is the sex worker who led the mass face-sitting demonstration outside UK Parliament last year to protest against new laws that banned a whole raft of sex acts from porn produced in the UK.

Meet the Sex Worker Running for Office in the UK | VICE | United States
Charlotte Rose is an escort, a "sexual trainer", an organizer of face-sitting protests, and now an independent political candidate.

“Government in our bedrooms: The parallels between prostitution laws and abortion laws.”


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